judgement debtor 中文

“judgment” 中文翻譯 : n. 1.審判,裁判,判決。 2.由判決所確定的債 […]

judgement debtor 中文

“judgment” 中文翻譯 : n. 1.審判,裁判,判決。 2.由判決所確定的債務;確 “debtor” 中文翻譯 : n. 1.債務人。 2.借方。 3.受恩人。 “debtor under a judgment for money” 中文翻譯 : 受制于付款判決的債務人 “debtor” 中文翻譯 : n. 1.債務人。 2

debtor n. 債務人;借方 judgement n. (=judgment) 1.審判;裁判;判決(+on/upon) 2.判斷;鑒定;評價(+on/upon) 3.判斷力,辨別力 4.意見,看法 5.批評,指責 6.神的審判,天譴 co debtor 【法】 共同債務人

judgment debtor的中文意思:判定債務人,查閱judgment debtor的詳細中文翻譯、發音、用法和例句等。

judgment debtor的意思、解釋及翻譯:a person or company that is ordered by a court of law to pay money to another person or company。 了解更多。 劍橋詞典+Plus

judgement debt中文::經判決的債務,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋judgement debt的中文翻譯,judgement debt的發音,音標,用法和例句等。 judgement debt中文, judgement debt是什麼意思:經

judgement debtor 判決確定債務人 defaulting debtor 【經】 違約債務人 joint debtor 【經】 連帶債務人 bankruptcy debtor 破產債務人 debtor nation 債務國 insolvent debtor 無償債能力的債務人 debtor attached 【法】 被扣押的債務人 debtor ledger 【經】 債務人分類帳

有同事問Judgment Debtor 是什么意思?我也是第一次遇到,倉促間做個檢索、匯總一下。不同網站或者詞典對于這個詞的英文解釋大致相同,指被法院判決認定為需要向他方支付一定金額款項或賠償的一方。中文譯法各有不同,大致翻譯為敗訴債務人

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You must collect your judgment. The court will not collect it for you. Collection depends on how much information you have about the debtor’s assets. For example, if you have information about the debtor’s income or property, you may be able to attempt a wage garnishment, bank levy, or

  • Judgment 釋義
  • Enforcement of a Judgment Debt
  • Enforcement of Judgments
  • Judgment proof
  • Judgement

2. the ability to judge, make a decision, or form an opinion objectively, authoritatively, and wisely, esp. in matters affecting action; good sense; discretion. a man of sound judgment. 3. the demonstration or exercise of such ability or capacity. The major was decorated for the judgment he showed under fire. 4.

We are specialists at enforcement of judgments and can take care of this whole process for you. Should the judgment debtor fail or neglect to pay the judgment debt, we can commence enforcement in conjunction with our contracted barristers and solicitors to recover debts including statutory demands and liquidation (for companies) and bankruptcy

Once a judgment is obtained, if payment is still not received from the debtor, you will need to consider the different judgment debt recovery options, which will allow you to enforce the judgment. Some of these judgment debt recovery options are listed below.

In the context of contract law, debt collection and civil litigation, the term judgment proof is commonly used to refer to defendants or potential defendants who are financially insolvent, or whose income and assets cannot be obtained in satisfaction of a judgment.[1] Being “judgment proof” is not a defense to a lawsuit. If sued, the defendant

Exempt assets

Judgement (or US spelling judgment) is also known as adjudication which means the evaluation of evidence to make a decision. Judgement is also the ability to make considered decisions. The term has at least five distinct uses. Aristotle suggested we think of the opposite of different uses of a term, if one exists, to help determine if the uses are really different. Some opposites will be

Formal judgement


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